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Thieves target vehicles near Conway trail | Crime

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Thieves target vehicles near Conway trail
Thieves target vehicles near Conway trail

CONWAY, Ark. (KTHV) - If you happen to walk, jog or bike, you may need to watch out the next time you leave your car to work out. The Conway Police Department continues to get reports of car break-ins in parking lots near the Tucker Creek Trail.

Two break-ins happened days apart, and the thieves took cash and debit cards and a gun that was left behind in one of the cars. Police told THV it is where the keys were that made these break-ins a piece of cake for criminals.

Once Deidra Maltbia locks her car, she wishes she could forget about it, but because of recent car break-ins in the parking lots near the Tucker Creek Trail, she cannot.

"I do not leave anything in my car," said Maltbia. "I do not trust anybody."

She also takes her keys with her. Other runners now holding on tight too.

One of the two people who had their cars broken into stuck their keys between the hood and the windshield underneath the left wiper. The other person just threw the keys under the car.

"Not a good place to put your keys when you are out running," said LaTresha Woodruff.

Woodruff works with the Conway Police Department. She says vehicle break-ins near the trail are an ongoing problem.

"To say we have a huge problem, no, but anytime it is done, it is a problem," said Woodruff.

Woodruff says we need to make sure we do not make a break-in easier.

"We have to be a little bit more creative, a little more cautious," said Woodruff.

Three years ago, Richard Malik got a little more cautious. He jogs on the trail almost every day.

"I was leaving my personal items in here," said Malik.

But after someone broke into this car, here in this parking lot, he stopped doing that.

"Knocked the trunk open and took everything out of there," said Malik.

And now, he also takes his keys along for the jog, which is exactly what police recommend doing.

"Let us try to do some of those things so that we are not becoming victims out there when we are just trying to be out there being healthy," said Woodruff.

"It is kind of scary, but it kind of confirms trying to be cautious every time I come out here," said Maltbia.

Both victims noticed someone watching them in the parking lot. One reported noticing a man looking at him in a black Nissan Maxima. Both thefts happened in the morning. One on a Friday. The other on a Sunday.