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#PhilBikes100: Gearing up for the Big Dam Bridge 100 | Events

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#PhilBikes100: Gearing up for the Big Dam Bridge 100
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#PhilBikes100: Gearing up for the Big Dam Bridge 100

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Phil Buck is now just four days from making his attempt at riding the Big Dam Bridge 100.

He took his bike in for a final checkup on Tuesday. He said that it went well, and the bike is in top condition and should have no trouble riding the full 100 miles.

Phil said, "Here we are, it is the week of the Big Dam Bridge 100, on Monday I went out and scouted the full 100-mile course, that was a huge mistake because now I'm even more scared than I already was about what I've gotten myself into. Today we are back at Chainwheel bike shop in Little Rock and these guys have been extremely helpful throughout this whole process for me: everything from setting me up with this loaner bike to getting me outfitted with all the other equipment, training, nutrition, everything – these guys have been with me every step of the way. So today we're going to go through a few last-minute tips for the ride and we're going to make sure this thing is ready to go the full 100 miles, even if I'm not…"

"We have a lot of people come in very nervous and they want what we call a blessing fit – is my bike going to make it through 100 miles. They just want us to look at it, kick the tires literally, check the bar tape, check things to make sure it's ready to roll," said Patrick Barron, the Chainwheel co-owner.

Barron sees tons of cyclists looking to make sure everything is in order for the Big Dam Bridge 100, and on Tuesday, Phil was one of them.

"When it starts building up to the month to the Big Dam Bridge we get a lot more people," said Bill Yager, Chainwheel service writer.

Yager has been busy for weeks tuning up bikes, and in Phil's case, calming cyclists nerves.

"If the bike overall is running fine, if we see excessive wear we're going to recommend someone come in after the Big Dam Bridge to get their bike checked, we don't want to open a can of worms right before the big ride. So we're doing any big tear downs this week, we're just simply making sure the bike is safe and is going to be as reliable as possible to get someone through their entire route," said Yager.

If you think you want to ride in the Big Dam Bridge 100, and there are all sorts of different distances, not just the full 100 miles, you can still register here.


#PhilBikes100: Scouting the Big Dam Bridge 100 Course

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