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Extensive hail damage may not be obvious | News

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Extensive hail damage may not be obvious

MAUMELLE, Ark.(KTHV)- Hail has pounded parts of central Arkansas twice this week, with some being larger than golf balls. This has roofing experts advising homeowners to have their roof checked even if there's no obvious damage.

Craig Cougill says it's made for a busy week at his business C. Cougill Roofing in Maumelle.

"Our phones are ringing a lot more here of late for sure then the last couple of years."

In fact, Cougill says this is the busiest he's been since the last big hail storm in 2011.

He says some callers just want them to come out and check for hail damage. Others, Cougill says, need more immediate help.

"Some of those pictures were in Garland County, and the damage was very obvious and actually put a dent into the shingle."

Cougill says it's wise to have your roof checked even if you don't see obvious signs of damage.

"If you have an older roof and you know you've had some hail that was nickel size or larger, chances are you probably do have some damage. So, I would definitely have a professional roofer look at it."

Cougill says the style of roof you have matters too.

"If you have a roof pitch that's not very steep, typically they'll sustain more damage because the impact is more straight on. A steeper roof may have more of a glancing blow and not cause as much damage."

Cougill says another sign of concern may be that other homes in your neighborhood are having their roofs replaced.

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