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Maumelle police chief offers free rides | News

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Maumelle police chief offers free rides

MAUMELLE, Ark. (KTHV) - This Christmas Eve, a Maumelle police chief dedicated himself to keeping his community safe.

We've heard of businesses and even law enforcement offering free rides to people who may have had too much to drink during the holidays, but we've never heard of a police chief offering a free ride. That is, until now.

"If you'll give us a call, I'll come get you."

"About the only thing worse than getting a DWI is hurting someone by getting into a car wreck after you've been drinking."

To spread the message, Chief Williams took to Facebook, posting he would pick up anyone finding themselves without a DD in Maumelle.

Williams Facebook posted stated:

"Also, once again, if you get caught in a situation where you've been drinking and can't get home without driving, call me and I will come get you. No, I won't go to Little Rock or Conway, but I will do whatever it takes to keep you from driving under the influence here in Maumelle. The only thing worse than getting a DWI is hurting someone while you are DWI so let's plan ahead, and make sure everybody drives sober."

Residents fully supported the idea, stating that they appreciated that the chief was going above and beyond.

"It will keep them off the road and keep the community safe," said one Maumelle resident.

"I don't know if I know anybody that would take up his offer, but you never know. I think people may have a hard time remembering the number," said another resident.

"I actually reposted it. I shared it on our page. I am all for it," said Jennifer Keller, the manager at Lucky's Bar. She said she's happy to hear the chief will be available, keeping patrol officers at their posts.

"It's not going to hurt our business any. Save one life with it."

If you find yourself needing a DD in the Maumelle area, call the non-emergency dispatch number at (501) 851-1337.