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Donations needed for The CALL in White County | News

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Donations needed for The CALL in White County

MAUMELLE, Ark. (KTHV) -- Thanksgiving and Christmas are long gone, but the holiday hangover has left some non-profits hurting.

Foster centers that supply families with much-needed clothes and other needs are far understocked, putting the families they serve in jeopardy.

When families take on foster kids they need to provide for them like any other kid, giving them clothes, a bed and food. But now the places those families turn to are turning to you at home for help.

“The DHS workers are just desperately trying to place more kids,” said foster mother Jane Darnell.

We all have a calling. For Darnell that calling came in 2012 when she took in a little foster girl.

“We can keep one child safe. We don't have a large home, but we can support one,” Darnell said recalling the time she agreed to take in a foster child. 

But what was supposed to last three months instead lasted three years.

“It's very hard [being a foster parent], because you get very attached. At the end of three years, we've had four kids in our home and our placements seem to be longer term than I would have guessed,” she said.

Darnell even got roped into helping the local The CALL Mall in Maumelle which lately has been in need of its own help.

“We had helped 30 families in one month,” Darnell said. “And each family ranges from one child to four in a family.”

Looking around at the different racks of clothing, it might not look like there are many problems as there are seemingly endless amounts of shirts and pants, but the looks can be deceiving because while the clothes racks are fully stocked, the real problems come in the smaller items most people wouldn't think about.

“[We need] diapers, wipes, good conditioned car seats,” said The CALL Mall co-founder Mary Carol Pederson.

Pederson attributes it to higher foster numbers than ever before.

“Many times these foster kids have nothing, so these parents are tasked with providing a full wardrobe,” she said.

It's a tall order that's only been getting taller.

“My dream would be for every foster child to have a new pair of pajamas,” said Darnell.

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